Brian Bailey Consulting

Brian Bailey Consulting

I am a semi-retired Electronic Design Automation (EDA) expert, consultant, and journalist. I have spent the past 40+ years architecting and building solutions that enable the effective development of semiconductor systems. While I specialize in functional verification, my career has touched on many parts of the front end design space.

The functional verification of electronic systems has always been one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks within the chip development cycle. It requires more time and money than design, and even with continued tool and methodology development, it has barely managed to keep up with the growing complexity of systems. Add to that, a growing list of additional demands being placed on it means that it will continue to be one of the most innovative areas of the industry.

Because of this, there has been a continuous stream of startup companies attempting to bring new techniques into the industry. Startup companies face many challenges that include traditional problems such as technical, marketing and fund raising challenges, but where a methodology shift is involved, additional challenges arise since their customers are also going through a transition. Both sides are looking for solutions to ill defined problems. This requires having people on the team who can communicate effectively with their potential customers, understand their real issues and come up with ways in which they can be addressed, through technology, service or methodology products. This is what I do.

There are many ways that I continue to help the industry. For the development community it is through my writing. Recent content can be found on the Semiconductor Engineering website. For startups it is through consulting projects and I have sat on several Technical Advisary Boards, most of which terminated in successful exits for those companies. I have helped many investors and analysts understand the industry and its dynamics. I have led and been involved in many standards efforts and can help your company navigate through these waters. In addition, I can provide help with patents, both on the creation side, evaluation of patents, or in legal defense of patents.

I have writen or edited seven books:

     If you, or your company, needs some help in navigating these new and exciting areas, then I may be able to provide some assistance for you. Please send me an email so that we can discuss the possibilities.

Helping companies improve their verification efficiency.

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