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The list of possible services is given as a guide only and can be customized to suite your preferences.

To Established EDA Companies: Having worked in the EDA tool development industry for over 20 years and been involved in some of the most important developments in the functional verification space. I can provide a lot of insights into what is happening in the industry and where the markets are likely to go next. Recently I have been tracking the developments of the Electronic System Level (ESL) paradigm shift and have already helped a number of startup companies identify their roles within this emerging space. My abilities as a visionary have not gone unnoticed by the community. With two patents issued and many more pending, I can provide both high level and deep technical assistance in the creation of new technology. I have good communications abilities, being able to produce high quality technical papers, presentations materials as well as being able to provide excellent delivery to both engineering people and management. I have considerable experience with the legal side of the industry as well and having acted as a technical mentor to a number of lawyers. I can perform as a technical expert or in patent preparation.

To Startup Companies: Startup companies often have great ideas and wonderful technology but sometimes they have problems developing their business plans, creating marketing efforts for their ideas and getting the technology adopted. I have performed new market analysis in a number of areas, competitive product analysis, technology evaluations, partnerships, joint development programs. I can help with the development of marketing materials, white papers, presentations and provide some temporary extra hands for new product launches or promotions.

Here is what Simon Calder, the CEO of Spiratech had to say about my services:
"We have embraced many if not all of your suggestions and have experienced an instantaneous improvement in our how we are perceived, especially by VCs"

To System Designers: Verification Assessment: It sometimes takes an independent set of eyes to see what is and what is not working in an organization. I have seen many ways that companies organize their verification efforts and have helped them to identify what they can do to improve based on their own objectives.
Knowledge Transfer: Keeping up with all the new languages, tools and methodologies can be a nightmare. I can provide in house training on many of the new developments and can prepare custom courses to help complete engineering groups come up to speed.
Technology Adoption: Performing an evaluation or running a pilot of a new methodology is always a good idea. This may require temporary resources to accomplish these. In addition, when the pilot has been a success, it may require considerable knowledge and planning to ensure a successful adoption.

Other: I have performed many public speaking engagements as a keynote speaker, technical presenter, business presenter and guest speaker for Universities as a few examples. These have been of varying lengths, ranging from half an hour to full days. They have been conducted in countries all around the world and I pride myself on providing the depth of information and a level of enthusiasm in the presentation that ensures that the audience attention is retained at all times. I prepare most of my own material, but I can work with companies to customize for various needs. Please fill in this form if you are interested. There is no charge for Universities, except to cover expenses.

Helping companies improve their verification efficiency.

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