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Business Development

For companies producing EDA tools

Businesses go through many stages in their corporate life, from a concept or idea, through early technology development, adolescence and to some level of maturity. In the EDA industry, most companies expect to be acquired by one of the major EDA vendors. Others are determined to make it on their own and attempt to become one of the majors in the future. Along this path there are many challenges that a company faces, including feature sets, branding, pricing, marketing, interesting markets, seeking funding, partnerships, acquisitions or selling the company.

At each of these stages there is a lot that can go wrong, mistakes that could be very costly. As an outside expert, I can help to lessen many of these risks, or identify opportunities that may have been missed. This can include assessments of internal technologies, evaluation of business plans or prospects, due diligence studies on potential acquisitions. Below is a partial list of the services that can be offered:

  • Business assessment and analysis
  • Industry profiles
  • Competitive analysis
  • Partnerships
  • Due diligence

If you are interested in any of these services, then please send me a email for a free confidential discussion of your situation.

For companies using EDA tools

Users of EDA tools are often confused by the messaging provided by EDA vendors, all of which claim to have the one right solution to their customers problems. It is often difficult for them to get an indendent view of the landscape and who may have solutions that would fit with their needs. As a person who knows most of the companies that operate in the areas of functional verification and ESL, I can provide objective information about what technologies can and cannot do. I can provide documents, presentations or lead discussions about how certain technologies can be used, and how they are best adopted. In some cases, I may also be able to help with the development of pilot programs, internal training or oter tasks necessary to ensure a successful adoption of new tools or methodologies. I will not however make buying recommendations

Helping companies improve their verification efficiency.

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